All Time Favorite Reads

There are so many wonderful books out there that my head spins thinking about it sometimes- but there are certain books that I just go back to time and time again that I absolutely adore making up my All Time Favorites list.  They may not all be 5 star reads, but they all have something special that makes me swoon, melt, laugh, cry or maybe all of the above that grabs my heart.  When I find myself in a book slump, one of these books will be my go-to in order to cleanse the palate so to speak and reset my book karma!

The list will be constantly growing and changing so be sure to check back from time to time.  And feel free to comment letting us know- what books are on your go-to list?  Do any of these books reside on your list?

Kim’s favorites- in no particular order:

rock chick

Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick series: This is the very first KA series that I got my hands on, and I read the first seven in rapid fire succession only to go right back to the beginning to do it all over again! The Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch rock my world every time.

love series

Tina Reber’s Love Unscripted and Love Unrehearsed: Ryan and Taryn stole my heart from the very first chapter of Love Unscripted and never let it go.  Ryan may be a celebrity, but underneath it all he is just a guy who wants the same things the rest of us do from life: love, a family and a little normalcy.  Taryn sees him for him- the boy from PA who loves the outdoors and driving fast cars.  I can’t recommend these 2 books highly enough!

dark element

Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Dark Elements series: one word will sum up my love for this series- ROTH!  I adore this author’s humor as well! For the full scoop, read THIS or THIS


J Lynn’s Wait for You: ah, Cam and his cookies are the best! Cameron Hamilton is hotter than the sun he has tattooed to his chest with smokin’ good looks, a propensity for baking to pass the time and win the hearts of shy, damaged girls, and a genuinely caring personality.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00001]

Laurel Ulen Curtis’s A is for Alpha Male: Haley Whitfield is an absolute hoot, and when she and her mom Allison embark on a cross- country road trip in search of their perfect man, it is guaranteed to be a great time! Add in a list of Kristen Ashley alpha male traits that they are on the lookout for, and it just gets even better in my book


Tammara Webber’s Easy: Lucas Maxfield is a little bit broken by events of his past, but he has turned his life around and uses those experiences to turn himself into one really yummy protector in my opinion.  Jacqueline finds herself in need of his unexpected rescue one night, and so their journey begins.


Mia Sheridan’s Stinger: Carson Stinger- straight male performer- melted my heart as soon as he started belting out Night Ranger’s Sister Christian in an elevator stuck between floors to help Grace focus on anything but her claustrophobia, and he completely stole it with the journey he took over the next few years. You must read this book- that is all.


Samantha Young’s Before Jamaica Lane: This whole series is wonderful, but Nate and Liv’s friends to lovers story still stands out as my favorite in the whole group.


SC Stephens’ Thoughtless series: Only 2 words are needed for my reason here- Kellan. Kyle.  This man just slays me over and over again with his propensity to love despite the horrors of his childhood.

Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series: This rocker series has it all- fun, heartbreak, angst, humor, love, hot rockers, snarky and independent women, and did I mention humor?

devil's game cover

Joanna Wylde’s Devil’s Game: Jo’s Reapers MC series is excellent and she has basically become the gold standard of MC books for me right up there with Madeline Sheehan. Devil’s Game is my absolute favorite of them all.  Em is the princess of the Reapers and Liam/ Hunter is part of the rival Devil’s Jacks MC- sparks fly, threats are made, and danger is all around along with an overprotective dad and group of brothers.  I love a story that can make me feel overall, but I especially love one that can make me laugh with a strong female lead who can take care of herself and her man without being a bitch and Jo Wylde nailed it! Read more about it HERE

Driven Fueled Crashed Collage

K. Bromberg’s Driven series: Colton and Rylee are probably known to many of you, but if you haven’t met the dirty talking bad boy of the racing world yet, get this series on your TBR and in your hot little hands immediately! Colton is equal parts alpha, panty melter and damaged little boy fighting the demons of his past and I adore this completed series.


Rebecca Zanetti’s Sins Brothers series: This romantic suspense series follows 4 brothers created and raised in a military facility from birth.  They formed an alliance and unlikely family at a young age, training hard and following orders to survive while plotting their escape to try to find a real life in the outside world.  Five years ago, they did just that- but now they each have a ticking time bomb that they must find a way to defuse before it kills them in a matter of months.  If you love alpha males with a protective side, dirty talkers and/ or men with military backgrounds, you must read this series.


Nichole Chase’s Suddenly Royal: This is a pretty light read but it always makes me smile and is in my feel-good pile.  Sam is an American citizen who unexpectedly finds out she is a Duchess of the country of Lilaria when Prince Alex the Yummy shows up to ask her to return to his country to claim her title.  Pay no mind at all to the fact that Alex looks a lot like Chris Hemsworth 🙂

So there you have it- are any of these books on your All Time Favorites list?  What else is on your shelf as a go-to must re-read?


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