DR. NEURO: Review, Giveaway and a few other goodies

I’m Dr. Nick Raines.

Brain surgeon and notorious over-thinker, I take the analytical approach with everything, until I can determine the best, carefully calculated plan of action. It’s no shock the producers of the popular reality series The Doctor Is In have decided to call me Dr. Neurotic.

Besides my more than full-time job as Chief of Neurosurgery at St. Luke’s Hospital, I’m a single dad and my number one priority is my daughter.

But life had plans to add another priority to my list.

Charlotte Hollis. Outspoken, impulsive, and beautiful, she’s everything I didn’t know I was craving.

She makes me wonder What if?

What if I don’t have to be alone for the rest of my life to give my little girl the father she deserves?

It’s a battle—my battle: Head vs. Heart.



Authors are not responsible for any brain injury incurred in an effort to meet Dr. Nick Raines. Please just read the book.


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Tiny Tease:

With a quick smack and a groan, I silenced the alarm and rolled over to my stomach to shove my head into the fluff of my pillow.

“Oh my God,” I grumbled.

Even the sound of my own voice was grating.

Great, I thought. This should make work interesting.

      I grabbed my phone off of my nightstand, rolled back onto my back, and typed out a quick message.

      Me: So, apparently, you’re a sadist.

A reply popped up nearly immediately.

      Charlotte: Wimp.

      Me: I’m actually sore.

      Charlotte: It takes time to acclimate to the dance life. You’ve got good moves, though. Be proud, soldier, be proud.

      Me: Oh, so I suppose you’re completely fine?

      Charlotte: Yep. 😉

      Me: I kind of hate you.

      Charlotte: That wears off. Trust me. Pretty soon you won’t be able to live without me.

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Nick Raines made some pretty big mistakes in his youth, and if you have read Scoring the Billionaire, you already familiar with the depth of those mistakes. But now, you get to see his point of view as he finds his chance at redemption… the question is, can he grab onto it with both hands, or will the sins of their pasts steal their chance at happiness?

After leaving NY for the best opportunity available to advance his career, Nick realized the error of his ways and has returned. Now he is the best neurosurgeon in the area and quite possibly the country, but he is determined to make up for the years that he missed with his daughter. When Charlotte approaches him with an amazing job offer that would lead him back to the West Coast he flat out refuses. He expects her to immediately move on in search of the next candidate but he is surprised when she invites him to dinner instead – and he has the best night that he can remember in far too long when she takes him to a trivia night at a local bar.

Charlotte isn’t sure why but she enjoys this way-too-buttoned up doctor and wants to see what he will be like when if she can convince him to let loose. Nick works a ridiculous amount of hours and spends what little free time he has with Lexi, and now that the hospital has authorized a camera crew to follow him around he feels like he is under a microscope that can come back to bite him with Winnie if they portray him badly. He is just as drawn to Charlotte as she is to him though and he craves the light she brings into his world so he finds a way to make time for her too. Just when things are getting good in his opinion, she slams on the brakes and walks away much to his confusion.

When she returned to NY herself after moving away in pursuit of her own dreams, Charlotte knew her past could eventually make an appearance in her present, but she never expected it to slap her in the face at the worst possible time or in the way that it does. Enter the angsty emotional act of the story for both Nick and Charlotte! Clarity and hope comes from a surprising source for each of them, and Nick has to pull off a pretty grand scheme to win Charlotte over and convince her to give them a real chance.

Dr. Neuro is light on the documentary aspect of the storyline which I enjoyed because it put more of the focus on Nick and Charlotte instead. Lexi is an amazing little girl and she brought a smile to my face every time she appeared- and sometimes she brought out some straight up belly laughs too because the things that come out of her mouth are AWESOME! There is plenty of lighthearted fun between Charlotte and Nick to go along with the smexy times, and then there is whole predicament Charlotte gets herself into when she decides to buy a house that you just have to read for yourself. All in all, I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend getting your 1-click on! If you haven’t read Scoring the Billionaire that I referenced at the beginning of this review, don’t worry – there is absolutely no need to read it first and you just might enjoy this story a bit more if your opinions of Nick are not colored by his actions prior to reading his viewpoint.

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