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Title: Hearts Unleashed

Author: Paris Wynters

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Hearts Unleashed:

After an IED ends his military career, Major John Rathborne struggles to re-adjust to civilian life. Haunted by the death of his brother-in-arms, John’s determined to find his canine partner, Koda, now retired and re-homed. The last place he expects to find her is on a ranch in Absarokee, Montana, where he lands a foreman job and a chance at a new start.

Unfortunately, ranch manager Katie Locke just wants the new guy gone. She can’t shake the trauma from the night she was attacked, and God knows she doesn’t need some stranger invading her safe haven. She can’t ignore John’s brooding presence, and even her dog shares an uncanny bond with him. But when her father suffers a heart attack, Katie has no option but to put her differences with John aside to save the future of Three Keys Ranch.
As they slowly find a common bond and their attraction heats up, both realize they must heal from their past wounds if they want to explore a relationship. But John hasn’t told Katie about certain parts of his past—including that he and Koda had been partners in Afghanistan. Then he learns someone is out to destroy the ranch, and Katie is in their crosshairs. Has John opened his heart too late?

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John leaned a hand against the doorway of the equipment barn as Katie stormed back to the house, leaving him adrift in her wake. She might be small, but damn, if that slim form didn’t conceal one heck of a verbal punch! Hurricane Katie.

Had he imagined the shine of tears in her eyes as she’d turned to go? His gaze lingered on her rapidly retreating figure. And how afternoon sunlight made her tawny beige skin glow. A soft breeze lifted her wavy hair.

His blood sizzled. Being confined in the tiny office with her had been a struggle in self-control. When she’d leaned across the table, he fought to keep his eyes on the ledger. Now, as he watched her walk away, the heat he’d been battling solidified into desire.


He rubbed his temples. He shouldn’t have allowed the boss’s daughter to rattle him. Not to mention, she already suspected he was keeping something from her. And what would happen if she found out I’m Koda’s former handler? From what he’d experienced, she’d throw a fit and fire him. Mitch might force her to give Koda back and he would become the person who took away her friend, the one who ripped the dog she loved out of her life. He would become the asshole she already thought he was.

But he’d learned some valuable information. The ranch had had some undesirable past hires. Mitch had mentioned an employee stealing some Ketaset from Linda. Almost cost the veterinarian her license.

John wasn’t like that. This job meant something to him. It was an opportunity to start over. But it wasn’t just her lumping him in with past hires.

Old man—where does she get off? I’m not that old!

He sank back into the office chair with a sense of relief. He felt far older than his thirty years. His time in the Middle East had drained the life out of him. He didn’t just feel like he’d lost his youth. He no longer remembered what it had felt like to be young and free, without the burden of responsibilities weighing him down.

His phone buzzed with a message notification. He glanced at the screen and swore—his mother interrogating him about the new six pack of beer sitting in the fridge. He just couldn’t catch a break. He stood and made his way outside. I’ll show her what this old man can do.

The jingling of metal tags cut through the air.


His black-and-tan partner ran over to him with her tail wagging.

He groaned as he took in the bright green ball gripped between Koda’s teeth. “Not now, Koda. I have work to do.”

Koda tilted her head inquisitively, her brown eyes resting on him. And he relaxed.

“Come here, girl.” Dropping to one knee, he held out his arms. “It’s good to see you.”

He spent a few moments with his face buried in her thick fur. Koda was a much-needed distraction. Just the smell of her brought back a barrage of memories—not all of them welcome.

About the Author:

I’m a hopeless romantic and a lover of all things coffee, canine, and exercise. When I’m not writing, I’m at the hockey rink cheering on my son, playing HALO on Xbox, or breaking a sweat in the gym. live in New York with my family and my two lovable and psychotic working dogs. I also run numerous 5k races in the New York area that raise funds to support the military/veteran community.


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