HOT SHOT: New Release Review

TITLE: Hot Shot (Last Shot #2)

AUTHOR: Kelly Jamieson

RELEASE DATE: May 16, 2017


A former Navy SEAL and current bad boy bar owner learns to trust a free spirit in this steamy novel of unexpected romance from the bestselling author of Body Shot and the Heller Brothers series.

Marco Solis knows that if he gets too close to people they disappear. His parents were deported back to Mexico when he was fourteen, his fiancée married someone else while he was in the military, and now his business partner’s spending more time with his girl than with Marco. For better or worse, that’s how Marco meets Carrie Garner. She’s legitimately model-hot. She’s also a nut—a wild, artsy, unapproachable nut. So why is Marco so interested in cracking her shell?

Although Carrie Garner is a natural in front of the camera, her dream is to make it as a photographer. Soon she’ll be heading to Spain for design school, and she’ll miss her best friend, Hayden, like crazy. She’ll even miss Hayden’s boyfriend, Beck—but she won’t miss Beck’s partner, Marco. Bossy, brooding, and annoyingly sexy, Marco really pushes her buttons, though he obviously wouldn’t mind pushing her buttons in an up-against-the-wall, hard-and-fast kind of way. The craziest part is, if Carrie lets him do that, well . . . she may never want to leave.

Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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Carrie and Marco couldn’t be more different on the surface, but beneath it all they are more similar than they realize.

Carrie is light hearted, fun loving and outgoing, the complete opposite of her best friend Hayden. Despite her successful modeling career, it is too easy for her to revert to the awkward teenager who bonded with the other social outcast of her class. Carrie’s family doesn’t help her self esteem or feelings of inadequacy either with the successful careers in the business world, and now that Hayden and Beck are together, Carrie is feeling more alone than ever.

Marco is happy for his best friend Beck’s newfound happiness, but change in their tight knit group worries him. For years, Marco, Beck and Cade have been the 3 Musketeers of sorts, bonding first over the demons instilled in them by their younger years, then becoming true brothers as SEALs. Marco has lost a lot over the years; it feels as though everyone who matters to him leaves him in one way or another, and Beck is about to be the latest part of his family to pull away. The silver lining to Hayden’s appearance in Beck’s life is her best friend Carrie. From the moment Marco saw Carrie walk through the doors of Conquistadors, he couldn’t help but notice her. Sure she is beautiful but she has an ease and a glow about her that draws everyone to her even if she can’t see it sometimes.

Despite the mutual attraction, insecurities and failure to communicate complicate things at first. Marco is sure she hates him, and Carrie can’t explain why he irritates her or thinks he’s mocking her with his compliments. When a little alcohol loosens tongues and inhibitions, they are both aware of the sizzling attraction but still cautious to act on it due to their intertwined small circle of friends and Carrie’s looming months long overseas trip.

Once they decide to indulge in a “hot romp” before she goes, it is definitely that but neither expects it to morph into more. Circumstances find them spending more time together and looking forward to it, but that clock is still ticking…

Hot Shot was an entertaining quick read! Marco and Carrie have plenty of chemistry, and there is a great supporting lineup of secondary characters too. Now there is just one man left standing, so I wonder who will bring down the manwhore Cade? I think we may have met her already, but time will tell…


Body Shot (Hayden and Beck’s story)

Former Navy SEAL Beck Whitcomb left a world of privilege to prove he could make his own way. Money, mansions, expensive cars—none of it could heal the loss of his older brother, or buy his parents’ love. Now, after using his trust fund to open the Conquistadors tequila bar with his brothers-in-arms, Beck has it all: good friends, fine liquor, and hot hookups. When it comes to women, commitment’s not his thing—until he gets a taste of the pretty professor who walks into his bar . . . and winds up in his bed.

Hayden Miles knows all too well that emotional decisions can lead to heartbreak, and nothing screams “bad decision” like a playboy bartender with inked biceps and a wicked smile. Still, their chemistry is off-the-charts explosive—and Hayden knows her chemistry. For once, this good girl longs to let loose. But is she willing to risk the pain to quench her thirst? With the promise of more on the table, Hayden’s eager to believe . . . before she misses her shot.