Saying goodbye is hard to do…

I have been struggling to put this announcement together for awhile now, and I have wavered in my decision more than a few times. But I have finally made the decision and I am sticking to it; this will be my last post.

When I started this journey 4 years ago, I was very excited to be sharing book news and great authors with you! I promised myself that when it was no longer fun, I would call it a day and I would not look back. The demands of my job that pays the bills have been increasing steadily in the last year or so, and I have been struggling to find time to fit it in work, reading, and blogging to the point where blogging is starting to take away my enjoyment of the books themselves. So now is the time to step back, de-stress a little bit, and enjoy just reading for the fun of it again. For those of you who look for reviews on books you are considering, I will post my Goodreads and BookBub profile links at the bottom of the post- feel free to follow me!

I have to say a very huge and gigantic thank you to everyone who has followed me over the years, especially those of you who have been with me from the beginning! I hope that I have been able to connect you with books or authors that you hadn’t otherwise found at some point during the last 4 years.

To the authors and publishers who have entrusted me with advanced copies of stories: thank you for the privilege of reading your creations! I have become a devoted fan of many authors I discovered through tours and release blitzes that I likely wouldn’t have found otherwise. Which brings me to my last shout-out of gratitude: the PR companies. There are too many of you to name, but there are a few of you who stand out in my mind who excel at cat-herding on a daily basis between keeping tabs on posts, reassuring clients, and doing the social media dance. InkSlinger ladies, I am looking at you!

It has been a wild ride at times, but I have found some amazing book buddies out there and I am grateful for that. For anyone who wants to friend or follow me, the links are below. May you continue to find amazing worlds to escape to within the pages of a book!!

Goodreads profile:

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  1. I have always enjoyed your blog/post. I tell people all the time how time demanding a blog is. You will be missed. So, if at sometime you get to read and enjoy a book, and tell others, I will read it. You need to make you happy.

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